Julien Lemoine - Vibraphone | Clément Meunier - Clarinet | Louis Billette - Saxophone | Étienne Loupot - Guitar | Piotr Wegrowski - Double Bass

Lost in Swing: a group of friends return to the roots of jazz!

Lost in Swing is a quintet that transports listeners back to the jazz of the 40s and 50s.
Inspired by legends such as Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Coleman Hawkins, Benny Goodman and Lionel Hampton,
the band is all about good humor, groove and energy.
Their dance-inviting music is not limited to mere copies of the originals,
but leaves plenty of room for improvisation and interaction.

Julien Lemoine on vibraphone, Clément Meunier on clarinet, Louis Billette on saxophone,
Étienne Loupot on guitar and Piotr Wegrowski on double bass,
Lost in Swing can be expanded to a nonet with trumpet, trombone, piano and drums,
offering even more brilliant, powerful and arranged interpretations.

Formed in 2012, the group has toured Switzerland, France and Italy on prestigious stages.
Don't miss the chance to experience a Lost in Swing concert, from which you'll emerge joyful,
full of energy and with your legs still twitching!

- Montreux Jazz Festival
- Cully Jazz Festival
- Ascona Jazz Festival
- Chorus Club Lausanne
- Festival Européen Jeunes Talents Paris
- Jazz in Marciac
- Météo-Mulhouse Festival
- Exposition universelle de Milan

Far from being pale, slavish copies of their models,
these musicians improvise original and enjoyable choruses.
The spirit, not the letter, of this joyful music
is a testament to their originality, and their interpretations
are interspersed with highly successful arrangements.

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